Summer Camps

Registration begins April 1, 2021

To sign up call 587-353-0814 or email at


KICKSTART Before and After School Care runs camps and out of school care for ages Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Dates and Times

KICKSTART summer camps run from 8:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday

Morning Half Day Camp 7:30am-12:00pm

Afternoon Half Day Camp – 12:30pm-5:30pm

Before camp care: 7:30am-8:30am

After camp care 4:00pm-5:30pm

Sign up for one week of full day camp and receive FREE before and after camp care


Full Week Camps………………………………………………$439

BUNDLE* Full Week Camps……………………………..$399

4-Day Week Camps…………………………………………..$359

Morning Half Day Camps …………………………………$195

Afternoon Half Day Camps……………………………..$215

$40 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking. Full payment must be made at least 1 week in advance of camp (less $40 deposit fee)

Why Book with us?
  1. Out of School care is considered an essential service and has remained open during all phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our summer care is considered an essential service
  2. Most of our programming will be done outside at one of our many Outdoor Play Spaces
  3. You can receive subsidy for summer care
  4. We provide excellent STEAM incorporated programming based on your child’s interest and provide a variety of programming each week
  5. Small class sizes
  6. Daily sanitizing of toys and facility

*Purchase 3 or more weeks of camp for your family and receive bundle pricing (psst… weeks can be shared between siblings!)

25% off per week for families that are currently enrolled fulltime at KICKSTART

Sign up for one week of camp and receive FREE before and after camp care

Please note that bundling discount does not apply to KICKSTART families already receiving discount or to 4-day week camp.


Kickstart will have certified guest visits for activities that fit our theme each week such as My Gym programming, parkour, yoga, ultimate frisbee, dance, drumming, and much more!

July 5-9: Superhero Camp

BANG! CRASH! KA-POW! We need your superheroes to join us for a jam-packed week of super activities. Come dressed up ready to save the day this classic superhero camp!

In this camp we will build our super strength through activities like obstacle courses and parkour! We will also build our mental strength through activities like decoding, riddles, and map building!

July 12-16: Cowboys and Cowgirls

Lasso your way into a stamped-themed summer camp. Your children will create their own mini-midway and compete in cowboy/cowgirl activities. Participate in KICKSTART’s version of stampede classics like barrel racing, bull-riding and sac-races.


Time to get messy! This week is full of DIY activities such as week long craft projects, engineering projects, home-made theatre and guerilla art around the community! Make sure to bring 1 (or two!) extra pairs of clothes for this camp… we will be getting messy!

July 26-30: Summer Olympics

Did you know this is the first Olympics to host rock climbing? This week is a celebration of sports and cultures in the Olympics. Learn everything there is to know about summer Olympics and even create your own event!

Activities for this week may include break dancing, volleyball, badminton, baseball, and other summer Olympic sports!

August 3-6: Space Camp

4-day week

Dive deep into the exploration of outer space. Using STEAM your child will design their own rocket ships and space suites.

This week will be focused on understanding our universe as well as ourselves. Activities will include teamwork games (very important for space travellers!), relays, astronaut training, and engineering rockets and paper spaceships.

August 9-12: Amazing Race

“The community is waiting for you…good luck…travel safe… GO!”. Complete challenges around your community and design your own in this weeks Amazing Race Camp!

In this camp you will participate in activities seen around the world! You will work in teams and partners to complete challenges around your community! Complete challenges like drum circles, synchronized dance routine, teamwork challenges, and finding clues around the community!

This camp will focus on safety while exploring your community, teamwork, patience, and problem solving skills.

August 16-20: Sport Camp

This sport camp is filled with both sports you know… and sports you don’t know. Sports will range from soccer and golf to archery and croquet. Your child will even get a chance to create their own games in this STEAM sport camp. You won’t want to miss this one!

Activities that you will get the opportunity to participate in include parkour, ultimate frisbee, basketball, yoga, dance, volleyball, badminton and much more! You will get to learn new skills through a games-approach and small-sided games to ensure you get the most hands on practice while playing!

August 23-27: Best of the Best

Wrap up your summer with the best of this summer’s camps!  Your kids will get a chance to vote for their favorite games, projects and events throughout the summer. This week will be a recap of those favorites as well as old classics (water sponge fight anyone?!).

*Note that themes and prices are subject to change*